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October 5, 2022, 5:49 pm

‘YouTube’ is the name of the village

Ahmod Musa
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'YouTube' is the name of the village

YouTube is the name of the community. Shimulia, the village’s real name, is given an unofficial name. Also, in the district of Kushtia. What impact is YouTube having on this community?

In Shimulia village, there was a culinary scenario one day. Golden roasted chicken with egg polao. This type of cuisine is done two or three times every week. Delwar Hossain, a school teacher from Kushtia’s Khoksa upazila, led a team to the locals with the recipe. The crew consists of 16 local homemakers and 30 members, including two camera operators.

As the day proceeded, this peaceful and dense community became more lively. However, this work has a distinct flavor; a group of men and women from this community have created their method of presenting their daily housework to the world. Has established itself as YouTube Village’s exclusive representative.

From the moment you wake up, you’re in a celebratory mood. The Radhunis are all dressed in the same color. Chicken, onion, garlic, and pepper are chopped. The sound of spices being ground was picked up by one group.

Two or three days a week, 5,000 to a thousand individuals in the village dine for free. YouTube has a video of the entire event.

Liton Ali Khan of the community created the YouTube channel Around Me BD in 2016. He began by visiting various fish markets and taking photographs using his phone, then uploaded them to YouTube. When many domestic and international visitors gathered, the financial profit began. Work piques your interest. With his uncle Delwar, Lytton collects the residents of Shimulia village. Village culinary videos have started to be uploaded to the YouTube channel. It currently has around 24 lakh subscribers from both inside and outside the country.

The first one would have been a tad excessive. However, in 2016, the crew began organizing cooking for the locals with their funds. The cooking arrangement grows in size as the channel’s revenue grows. Poloo and biryani, in addition to regular meals, are now widespread. Thousands of peasants also partake in the feed.

Last October, he visited Shimulia village after visiting the world-famous food reviewer Sunny’s website. Shimulia is being introduced to foreigners as a ‘YouTube Village’ through this YouTube-based initiative.

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