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October 4, 2022, 6:37 am

The best cleaner apps for Android

Ahmod Musa
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The best cleaner apps for Android

If there is no problem, Android users do not give much importance to cleaning the phone’s storage. Although there is no need to worry about this as the current Android devices are smart enough, regular storage management is a good habit that every user should have.

The more empty the phone’s storage and RAM to a certain extent, the better the apps will run. So the storage of the Android phone must be sufficiently open.

Although there are numerous phone cleaner apps in the Google Play Store, very few of these apps work. So finding an effective Android cleaner app is quite a problem. In this post, you will learn about the best cleaner apps for Android that work.

Files by Google
Phone storage can be quickly emptied using Google’s official file manager app.

By accessing the “Files by Google” app and using the “Clean” tab, it is possible to delete unnecessary files on the Android phone and empty the storage significantly.

Unnecessarily occupying the phone’s storage, you can find out about the files and apps on the phone from the Clean tab. In this tab, you will find junk files, duplicates, backed-up photos or unused apps, etc.

Enter each option to see which files in that category occupy the storage. Then the files that are not needed can be selected and deleted.

Again, there is an option to manually manage the phone’s storage from the “Browse” tab of the File by Google app. Files can also be used to share apps, photos, videos, etc., offline on Android devices, like Shareit, using Google Apps.

Files by Google is one of the best cleaner apps to clean the phone’s storage by deleting unnecessary phone files for free. Every Android user should have this app on their phone.

Droid Optimizer
Droid Optimizer is a well-known app as Android Cleaner Tool. It is pretty easy to use. Features and permissions are provided primarily for first-time use of the app, making it easy for any user to use the app.

The Droid Optimizer app has a ranking system that regularly prompts the user to check the device. You can easily clean any Android smartphone with one click using the app. Points are awarded for each clean-up. Free space and RAM are displayed at the top of the screen.

If you forgot to clean your Android phone regularly, then Automated Cleaning of Droid Optimizer can come in handy. This auto-clean-up clears the phone’s cache, stops background apps, and deletes unnecessary files. The app’s Good Night Scheduler can also come in handy, turning off automatic Wi-Fi when no connection is active at night.

Using the Droid Optimizer app allows you to delete multiple apps at once. The app’s user interface doesn’t look pretty, but it does. If you are looking for an app that can do the job of cleaning itself, then the Droid Optimizer app is your choice.

CCleaner is the mobile storage management app of popular computer antivirus software Avast. Although the CCleaner Android app is not perfect, it is much better than other spammy Android cleaner apps.

CCleaner is a multi-featured Android app that analyzes the phone’s storage and helps find and clean up unnecessary files. Using the app’s cleaner, the app’s data can be cleared, empty folders can be deleted, and various types of history can be deleted.

The CCleaner app also has an app manager, which can easily uninstall multiple apps. There is also a system info page, which can view phone resources, such as CPU, RAM, device details, etc. The app is entirely free to use, but it can get different work features using a Pro subscription.

All-in-one toolbox
Deleting unnecessary storage and emptying the phone’s storage is an essential part of our routine. But how about learning important things like battery health, CPU temperature, etc., through the same app? One such feature-rich app is the all-in-one toolbox.

Using the All-in-One Toolbox app, you can clean temporary files on Android devices, delete cache data, delete unused files and Empty folders. Using the app, all the files on the device can be analyzed with just one click.

The all-in-one toolbox app also has a separate background task killer feature to save battery. The system cache can be cleaned using the app’s boost feature, and the background app can be cleaned with just a few taps. Also, if you upgrade through the app’s in-app purchase, you will get the Boost + feature, which does the job of the Boost feature automatically.

The all-in-one toolbox app has almost all the necessary tools under one roof to match the name. Like the other apps on the list, this app also can delete multiple apps at once. There are also advanced file cleaning tools and Wi-Fi analysis tools. This app also has a ranking system like the Droid Optimizer app.

SD Maid
SD Maid is a simple storage cleaner app. By opening the app, the storage of Android phones can be cleaned in a few easy steps. Using the SystemCleaner feature can remove and delete standard files in a repository that will not be a problem. Unnecessary files and folders can be deleted using the “CorpseFinder” feature in the app.

There is also the AppCleaner feature, which can clear the app’s unnecessary data. However, you need to upgrade to the SD Maid Pro app to use this feature. There’s also the Databases feature, which is just another feature to delete extra files.

The SD Maid app features the Storage Analysis feature, which can delete large files. This app also has the quality to remove multiple apps simultaneously.

Norton Clean
Many will have heard the name of Symantec’s Norton Antivirus. Norton Clean is an app developed by Norton Antivirus. The Norton Clean app helps to free up storage by eliminating unnecessary files on the phone.

Like the other apps on the list, Norton Clean searches the phone’s storage and clears the cache, deletes junk files, and helps delete unused apps. The Manage Apps section lists all the apps on the phone, which can be sorted by usage, installation date, storage usage, etc. This will make it easier to understand ​​the unnecessary and unused apps.

The Norton Clean app is easy to use. Norton Clean’s interface is cleaner and more modern-looking than any other app on the list. Almost every feature is within reach of the app to be the ideal Android cleaner app for any Android user.

Although it looks good, Norton Clean will lag behind the other apps in the list in terms of features. The app only has file cleaner and app deleter features. But if you are looking for a simple Android cleaner app, the Norton Clean app is enough for you. The app can be used for free.

Which is your favorite cleaner app from the list of mentioned Android cleaner apps? Let us know in the comments section.

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