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Techniques to make Android phone auto silent - Hi Tech Portal
December 4, 2022, 11:05 am

Techniques to make Android phone auto silent

Ahmod Musa
  • Update Time : Sunday, February 6, 2022
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Techniques to make Android phone auto silent

Ringing the phone at the wrong time can be pretty annoying. Ringing the phone, especially at a meeting or momentous occasion, is quite embarrassing. There are problems like missing the call or the alarm required to stay silent on the phone at the wrong time.

If you do not remember to turn on or off the phone’s silent mode on time, you can arrange for the quiet mode to be turned on and off automatically. There are several ways to turn the automatic silent mode on Android phones. Let’s find out about Automatic Silent Mode for Android phones.

Do not disturb mode
The easiest way to use automatic silent mode is to do not disturb mode. When the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, the call or notification on the phone becomes silent. Automatic Silent Mode can be easily used on all Android phones using this built-in feature.

The Do Not Disturb feature can be found by entering the settings of most Android phones and searching. The location of the Do Not Disturb mode is available in different menus. In stock Android 11, the Do Not Disturb option can be found by entering the Sound & Vibration menu from the settings.

Find and turn on the Do Not Disturb feature. Then find the Schedule option and schedule. Set the time at which Do Not Disturb mode will be turned on and off from the Start Time and End Time options. Select the Do Not Disturb mode on and off depending on your time.

IFTTT automation
IFTTT is a popular tool for creating automation. Silent mode can be scheduled for Android phones using IFTTT. In this case, first, you need to download the IFTTT app from the Play Store. Then create an IFTTT account. Automations made in IFTTT are called applets.

To create automation for automatic silent mode, enter the IFTTT app and create a new applet by tapping the Create option. Then select the “If This” option and select any supported triggers based on which the silent mode will be turned on.

This trigger can be time, location or phone battery percentage, etc. For example, Silent mode will be turned on when you arrive at your office. In that case, location can be used as a trigger, and office location has to be selected.

Once the trigger is set, you have to select the action. Select the “Then That” option and choose the move to the stimulus. Search the Android Device service, where you will see different types of actions. Select the “Mute Ringtone” option. There is also the option to choose whether the phone will vibrate in silent mode.

After selecting the action and trigger correctly, you will see the overview of the applet. You can provide the title of the applet for the convenience of understanding. You can turn on the Receive Notifications slider to get notifications about whether the applet is working correctly. After creating the applet, after tapping on the “Finish” option, you need to allow the necessary permissions, such as location access, not disturb access, etc.

Android phone will automatically be silent (learn the technique)
Note that to automate the silent mode based on the location or time mentioned, another applet has to be created, which will turn off the silent mode after leaving the office. If you do not make such an applet, the phone will remain silent even after leaving the office.

To create a second applet, you need to select the location or time trigger. Then you have to set the ringtone volume to the right level as the device action. Diameter! Creating these two IFTTT applets will automatically turn the phone into silent mode when you enter your workplace and turn off the silent mode when you exit.

The technique of running an Android phone in the blink of an eye

Automation app
Most Android users can turn on and off the ring of the Android phone automatically in the two ways mentioned. But if you are an advanced Android user, you can set up automation using more functionality.

Tasker is a popular app for automating various actions on Android phones. Using this app, any action can be created on the Android phone through the script. Tasker is not a beginner-friendly app, but it is possible to create powerful automation using the app if you try it. Note that “Tasker” is a paid app purchased from the Google Play Store.

Silent mode for Android can be automated using both Tasker and MacDroid apps. As well as being a free app, the interface is much easier than Tasker. If you find the Tasker app more difficult or don’t want to buy the app, you can try the MacroDroid app.

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