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December 8, 2022, 4:03 am

Some annoying things on iPhone and their solutions

Ahmod Musa
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Some annoying things on iPhone and their solutions

iPhone operating system iOS users have various complaints about various features of iOS. The good news is that iOS also can avoid these issues. Let’s look at some of the annoying things about the iPhone and its solutions.

Lock screen search
From the lock screen, you can search directly on iOS powered devices. Many people forget about dragging from left to right of the screen and get into trouble because of this feature. This feature is straightforward to turn off if you want. To turn off the lock screen search feature:

Enter the settings of the iPhone
Enter the Face ID & Passcode menu
Then toggle the Today View & Search option and turn it off

Shortcut notifications
Shortcuts make it easy to access a variety of great things on the iPhone, such as turning an image into an animated gift, scheduling a text message, and so on. Shortcuts are a great tool to use, but they also come with many notifications. Notifications can be annoying every time a shortcut runs in the background.

If you find the notification of shortcuts annoying, you can quickly turn it off. To turn off shortcut notifications:

Enter the settings
Enter the Screen Time menu
Tap on the See All Activity option
Then find the Notifications option, tap on Show More, and tap on the Shortcuts option.
Then tap on the button next to Allow Notifications and disable it
Default app option
Each iPhone has the necessary pre-installed apps. From the podcast app to the email app, almost all the essential apps are provided on the iPhone. However, there is an opportunity to use alternative apps for pre-installed apps.

Again, there is an opportunity to use Google Maps as an alternative to Apple Maps. For example, you can use Google Podcast instead of the Apple Podcast app. That means you can use other apps to replace the Apple apps you don’t need.

Default browser and email client
Although recent updates have brought many improvements to the Safari browser, many iPhone users prefer Chrome or Firefox as their browser. Google recommends that all iPhone users use Safari as a new privacy feature. But you can change the default browser and email client if you want. To change the default browser of iPhone:

First, download any third-party browser like Chrome or Firefox
Then enter the settings and select Safari
Then select the Default Browser App option and set the new browser
Similarly, you can use third-party email apps, such as the Gmail app, eliminating the iPhone’s default email client. In this case, enter the Mail menu from the settings, select the Default Mail App option, and select the email client.

Notification summary
You are annoyed by notifications if you regularly receive numerous messages and calls. But the good thing is that this problem can be solved by using the notification summary feature. A list of all notifications can be viewed in a timeline using the Notification Summary feature. To launch notification summary:

Enters iPhone settings
Tap on the Notifications option
Turn on the Scheduled Summary feature
In the notification summary, you can also select which apps have notifications. However, Apple did not have the option to turn off the alert of many apps.

App banner in browser
While browsing in the Safari browser, a small banner is displayed at the top of the screen regarding the respective apps of different sites. In the case of browsing, this issue has become a source of annoyance to many. You can use a Safari extension called Unsmartifier to block app banners while browsing. Tap here to download Unsmartifier for iPhone.

Unnecessary issues of lock screen
Notifications, Cameras, Siri, Control Center, etc., can be accessed from the iPhone’s lock screen. If you do not need so many features, you can turn off unnecessary features. To customize lock screen features:

Enter the settings of the iPhone
Tap on the Face ID & Passcode option and enter the passcode
You will see all the parts under Allow Access When Locked
Turn off features like Today View or Search if you don’t need them
What is Siri? How to use Siri on iPhone?

Automatic picture-in-picture
Automatic Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is turned on when exiting a video from an app. Not many people like this automatic picture-in-picture mode. This feature can be easily turned off if you want. To turn off automatic picture-in-picture mode:

Enter the settings
Enter the General section
Enter the Picture in the Picture menu
Then turn off the “Start PiP Automatically” feature
From then on, if you exit while the video is playing in an app, automatic picture-in-picture mode will not be turned on.

Incoming call alerts
In the past, calls or facetime calls on iPhone would light up the entire screen, and call info would be seen on the whole screen. However, Apple has added a lot of minimalistic call alerts to iOS 14. The call is an alert as a banner at the top of the screen. The phone is often in silent mode, so even if you have a phone in hand, this issue is not noticed. So you can turn on full-screen alerts for calls. To turn on full-screen call alerts:

Enter the settings of the iPhone
Then go to the bottom and enter the “Phone” menu
Select the “Incoming Calls” option
Select the “Full Screen” option
The next time you call on your phone, you will see full-screen call alerts.

Ask Siri
In iOS 13, you could type a search query and search using Siri. However, the current iOS version does not have this option. In other words, if you want to use Siri on your iPhone, you must use voice; it cannot be used by typing. However, by typing through the keyboard, the feature of searching through Siri can be brought back. To turn on the Siri search feature by typing:

Enter the phone’s settings
Scroll down and tap on the Accessibility option
Select Siri
Turn on the “Type to Siri” option.
You can share your experience with iPhone in the comments.

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