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Google's new tool will find the lost Android device! - Hi Tech Portal
December 4, 2022, 11:02 pm

Google’s new tool will find the lost Android device!

Ahmod Musa
  • Update Time : Monday, February 7, 2022
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Google's new tool will find the lost Android device!

How would you feel if you lost your Android device? Surely very upset? Yes, OST developer Google will provide a new tool so that no Android device is lost. By the end of this month, the web company will be launching a service that will allow you to know the immediate location of your Android device remotely. The service will serve as part of the new Android Device Manager website previously available to business users. This small tool allows you to turn on your phone’s ringer and even delete all its contents.

This new service will be available in all updated versions starting from Android 2.2. In other words, about 98.6 percent of Android users will be able to keep their devices more secure. Google will also release a separate Android Device Manager application to make the feature easier to use. Still, there is no problem if the app is not installed to get the original remote tool service.

However, such a feature should have been introduced in Android long ago as the world’s most used smart device operating system. On the other hand, Apple and Microsoft have already launched a plan to find lost devices in their respective mobile operating systems. Apple MacBook also has this feature.

However, some Android device manufacturers, such as HTC and Sony, have taken up the remote tracking program on their initiative, further accelerated by Google’s tool. However, Google did not provide any information on when the remote tracking service will start its international journey.

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