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December 9, 2022, 6:44 am

Don’t do any of the following ten things on Facebook

Ahmod Musa
  • Update Time : Wednesday, February 16, 2022
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Facebook is used by 260 billion people worldwide. Many of them use Facebook under strict supervision. However, many people on Facebook engage in unethical behavior. Today I’m going to tell you about some of the things you shouldn’t do on Facebook-

1. Everything should be shared.

Many people have the mindset that they should share any post that comes their way. Others, though, are irritated by this. According to studies, everyone prone to sharing everything on Facebook avoids it.

2. Due to the ambiguous nature of the situation

On Facebook, many people have mysterious statuses. As a result, those who follow him are filled with doubt and skepticism. Many people who make posts like this try to stay away from it.

3. Messages or posts that are spam

When they go somewhere, many individuals use Facebook to check-in. In addition, many unpleasant messages are delivered to others in the inbox. These behaviors are referred to as spam on Facebook. If any spam message or post is sent to your Facebook ID, your followers can report it at any moment.

4. Obtain a new name

On Facebook, many people use a name other than their official identity. Others will have a hard time recognizing him as a result of this. Facebook is now being used for many professional tasks in this age of globalization. However, many people are offended when someone uses a name other than their name on Facebook.

5. Demonstrating personal accomplishment

On Facebook, many people display their accomplishments. Others despise persons who flaunt their achievements for pride or exposure. Everyone frequently avoids them.

6. Inquiring about something that can be discovered on the internet

Many users on Facebook ask others questions about things that they can find out by using Google. A large number of individuals dislike this type of person. Many people avoid them.

7. Additional sharing

Many people despise folks who post excessive amounts of information on Facebook. Many people prevent Facebook users from sharing any post, photo, or video.

8. Inquiring about the status of a relationship

Many people on Facebook use their inbox to offer or request love. Many people avoid persons like this because the other party is embarrassed due to a love request in the inbox.

9. offensive Tagging photographs

Many people have a Facebook account that unintentionally tags a buddy in a photo. This gives the friend a negative impression of you.

10. Make a Candy Crush Lives request.

Many people on Facebook have asked to play Candy Crush Lives as entertainment. Others were offended by this. It’s also a waste of time to play Candy Crush Lives.

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