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October 4, 2022, 4:01 am

A strategy to safeguard your eyes by using a digital screen

Ahmod Musa
  • Update Time : Thursday, February 17, 2022
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A strategy to safeguard your eyes by using a digital screen

For various reasons, the usage of computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones has increased in recent years. We must keep our eyes on the computer screen for office work, education, and enjoyment. The following eye ailments may occur as a result of using this sort of vision:

1. Tears can become dry.
2. the eyes may blink.
3. There is evidence of blurred vision.
4. it may give you a headache.
5. There is a double in the eyes.
6. it may cause a lot of discomforts.
7. tears may be shed.
8. your eyes may be red.
9. Laziness may manifest itself in the eyes.
10. There could be light sensitivity.
11. There is a lot of light.
12. There may be color variances.
13. Eyes that are burning.

Prolonged digital screen usage can cause one or more of the symptoms listed above. According to studies, persons who spend more than 5 hours every day in front of a computer screen have much more problems than those listed above. Even if you use less of it, some people may experience these issues. One of the most common causes of such symptoms is blurring eyelids while viewing a computer screen. Furthermore, the eye’s damaging effects are dependent on the type of computer equipment, such as the screen’s color, brightness, numerous hues, and their variations, and the nature of use, such as distance, perspective, and so on. LED lights that emit blue light are currently found in many devices. The light from these reflected blue waves damages the eye’s cornea severely.

To get rid of eye problems caused by digital screens, take the following steps:

1. Keep it at least 90 cm (35 inches) away from your eyes when using a computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone.
2. Monitors for digital devices should be placed at or below the level of the book.
3. In an air-conditioned room, a room humidifier should be employed.
4. Develop the habit of blinking regularly.
5. The American Optometric Society recommends taking at least 15 minutes of rest per two hours of computer use.
6. In this case, the 20-20-20 rule might be used, which requires you to look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.
7. Blue-tinted glasses with anti-reflective properties can be utilized.
8. The monitor’s ‘night mode’ lighting can be used.
9. If the eye has a corneal condition, it must be treated immediately.
On the eyes, artificial tear drops can be employed.

We hope that those using computers, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones for a long time will follow the laws and regulations outlined above. This will safeguard your eyes from the problems that digital screens might cause.

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